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When You Don’t Know What to Pray
September 23, 2018
Pat Damiani
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Invite Someone to Church

This week I listened to a podcast by Thom Rainer titled “Why People Don’t Invite Others to Church”. The six reasons that were given in the podcast are based on a study done by Lifeway Research.


The danger of preconceived ideas about God

Today in 2 Kings 5, I read the account of Naaman. Naaman, a commander of the Syrian army had leprosy and he traveled to Israel because a young girl told him about a prophet in Samaria.


Praying for our Country

In 1 Kings 20-21, we find the continuation of the account of King Ahab of Israel. Earlier, in chapter 16, Ahab is described as the most evil king yet to rule over Israel. He did more to provoke the Lord to anger than all the kings before him. And yet in 1 Kings 20, we find that God gives Israel a great victory over the king of Syria and 32 other kings who had much larger and better equipped armies.