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God Never Gives Up
May 13, 2018
Pastor Pat Damiani
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Getting off the “slippery slope”

Since Sunday is always such a busy day for me, I rarely post thoughts on my Bible readings. And since yesterday was Mother’s Day, it was even busier than a normal Sunday. But since I do have some thoughts from yesterday’s reading that I think are worth sharing, I’m going to make two separate posts today.


Trusting in God

In 2 Samuel 10 and 1 Chronicles 19, we see Israel facing an attack from both the Ammonites and the Syrians that they hired to fight with them. But God clearly protects Israel here and allows their much smaller army to defeat both the Ammonites and the Syrians.


A heart for God

I am really enjoying this section of the chronological reading plan I’m using this year. Interspersing the Psalms among the historical accounts in Samuel and Chronicles has helped me to get a much better feel for those Psalms as I consider them in the historical context in which they were written.