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What Happens When You’re Not on God’s Side?
June 17, 2018
Ryan Fregoso
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Delighting in God’s Word

Been a while since I’ve posted my thoughts from my Bible reading, but I have been doing a pretty good job of keeping up with my Bible reading plan.
Today’s reading was the second half of Psalm 119. That is undoubtedly one of my favorite chapters in the Bible because it expresses what I want my attitude to be toward God’s Word. While I think it’s important to have a plan to read the Bible systematically, I don’t ever want reading the Bible to become an obligation or duty.


A costly offering

Both 2 Samuel 24 and 1 Chronicles 21 record the account of David building an altar to the Lord in response to God’s mercy in cutting short the punishment that resulted from David’s sin of taking a census. And in both accounts, the owner of the threshing floor offers to give David the property and the oxen for the sacrifice. But David replies that he will not offer to God an offering that costs him nothing.


What if David could have used social media?

For some reason, I got to thinking about how David would have used social media if it would have been available in his day. As I was thinking about that, it dawned on me that we actually have the answer to that question in the form of the Psalms. In the Psalms, we have a record of the things that David was passionate about.