As you can see, our Pastor is a long time Chicago Cubs fan.
But even if you’re not, we hope you’ll take a moment to listen to what he has to say anyway.



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How Can a Good God Send Anyone to Hell?
April 22, 2018
Pastor Pat Damiani
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Taking my complaints to God

Psalm 73 is such a great example of how we ought to approach God with our questions, doubts, and even complaints.


The value of genealogies

The beginning chapters of 1 Chronicles consist primarily of genealogies. I’ll admit that those aren’t my favorite parts of the Bible to read, but there are some important lessons for us to learn from them.


Letting God take care of my enemies

Today’s reading consisted of Psalms 121, 123-125, 128-130. These are all Psalms that praise God for saving His people from their enemies. Although the nations around them were often bigger and stronger and had more resources, God had brought His people into the Promised Land and He protected them from their enemies as long as they trusted in Him.