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When There is No Remedy
by Pastor Pat Damiani
Jeremiah – My Life Purpose
by Pastor Pat Damiani
The Feast of Tabernacles

by Pastor Pat Damiani

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5 Ways to Respond When Tragedy Strikes

All of us are appalled at the events that took place in Las Vegas last night, where over 50 people were killed and over 500 people injured by a lone gunman. While we still don’t know a whole lot about his motives, the one thing we can say unequivocally is that the gunman was driven by pure evil. This morning, I’ve been reading some of the responses to this event from both Christians and non-Christians and it got me to thinking about what we can learn from the Bible about how to respond in these situations. While these ideas were developed in response to yesterday’s events, I think they are relevant any time where this kind of evil results in such tragedy.


Why I love the Old Testament

There was a time early in my relationship with Jesus where I thought the Old Testament was really boring. Perhaps that is, like many of you I suspect, I started reading my Bible at the beginning and by the time I got to Leviticus and Numbers, I got bogged down and decided I’d just skip forward to the New Testament. But fortunately, once I was in seminary I had a professor who obviously loved the Old Testament and helped me to begin to understand its richness.


5 Reasons a “verse a day” might be hazardous to your spiritual health

I know that I haven’t written a new blog post in a while. Really no good excuses for that, but I suppose I got distracted by some vacation time and getting our church set up with our Faithlife groups. But something that I saw this morning prompted me to post today.