As you can see, our Pastor is a long time Chicago Cubs fan.
But even if you’re not, we hope you’ll take a moment to listen to what he has to say anyway.



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Laying Down My Rights
March 11, 2018
Pastor Pat Damiani
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Finishing Well

The book of Deuteronomy finishes with the death of Moses. Even though Moses had his flaws, just like all of us, he is a great example of someone who finished well. When he died at 120 years of age, he was still serving God with great vigor.


My Choices and God’s Mercy

Several thoughts about my reading in Deuteronomy 30-31 today:


Some Really Strange Laws

Deuteronomy 21-27 contains a variety of laws that the Israelites were to observe when they entered the Promised Land. Many of these laws seem really strange to us, but that’s OK because they are almost all specific laws that applied to that specific people at that time in their history.