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When You Don’t Know What to Pray
September 23, 2018
Pat Damiani
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Being “Re-gospeled” Daily

In my sermon Sunday, I talked about the need to be “re-gospeled” daily (a term I stole from Matt Chandler). This morning, as I was reading Deuteronomy 5-7, that idea came to mind again. especially in chapter 7. There God is reminding His people that He did not choose Israel because of anything they had to offer to Him. God had chosen a weak, small people because by building them into a great nation who would bless all the other nations of the world, He would get all the glory, not the people.


Leaving a Legacy

Been reading in Deuteronomy the last couple of days. I think one of the things that made Moses such a great leader is that even though he knew that God was not going to permit him to enter the Promised Land personally, he was still committed to doing all he could to prepare the people to live in the land God was going to give to them.


70 Bulls?

In Numbers 28 and 29, we find the instructions for the daily, weekly, and monthly offerings as well as for the offerings for all the feasts. The one thing that really stood out for me is how many more sacrifices were required for the Feast of Booths (Tabernacles) than for any of the other feasts.