Invite Someone to Church

This week I listened to a podcast by Thom Rainer titled “Why People Don’t Invite Others to Church”. The six reasons that were given in the podcast are based on a study done by Lifeway Research.

Roughly 2/3 of the people surveyed indicated that they had invited someone to church in the prior 6 months. Here are the reasons that those who had not invited anyone during that time gave for not inviting someone to go to church with them:

  1. No reason. It wasn’t even something that was on their mind.
  2. They refuse my invitation. As I’ll explain below, if you ask properly, most people will actually say “yes” to your invitation.
  3. I don’t know anyone to invite. If that is the case, then you need to take intentional steps to develop relationships with those who are not yet disciples of Jesus.
  4. I’m just not comfortable inviting people to church.
  5. I don’t think it’s up to me to bring people to church. The New Testament is clear that it is not just up to the Pastor or the Elders to do the work of evangelism.
  6. I’m too busy serving at church on Sunday morning.


One of the key findings to come out of this study is that if you invite someone to come to church with you and either offer to bring them with you or at least to meet them in the parking lot with them, most people will say “yes”. So who can you invite to join you this Sunday?

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