At Thornydale Family Church giving is an important part of our worship. Giving regularly and sacrificially acknowledges that God owns everything and that whatever we possess has been entrusted to us by God to manage wisely on His behalf. Through our giving we meet the needs of people and support the expansion of God’s kingdom here on earth. The New Testament never requires us to give some obligatory percentage of our wealth, but rather to give cheerfully and sacrificially for the furtherance of the gospel, recognizing the sacrifice that Jesus has already made on our behalf.
For our members, giving regularly and cheerfully is an investment in the kingdom of God that allows us to minister to the needs of our community and to share the gospel all around the world. Through the generosity of our church family we have been able to do things like support missionary families all around the world, serve the teachers and staff at a local elementary school and support an organization that does research on a disease that affects one of our families. Although our guests are certainly welcome to contribute to these ministries if they want, we never ask or expect our guests to give.


We have provided three convenient methods for you to give.


You may give by cash or check during our weekly gathering of worshipers on Sunday mornings.



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