Waiting on God

In 1 Samuel 18-20 we see the patience of David on display. When we put the Biblical accounts together we find that there are likely about 15-20 years between the time David is first anointed as king by Samuel until he becomes king over Judah at the age of 30 and another 7-1/2 years until he becomes king over all Judah and Israel.
During that time he refuses to take things into his own hands and try to become king as a result of his own efforts. He faithfully serves as Saul’s armor bearer and tries to calm Saul with his music. And even after Saul vows to kill him, he refuses to do harm to Saul even when he has a chance to do so. During that time, David consistently trusts in God and he even writes several Psalms on that theme.
Although I am getting better at it with God’s help, I know that I am not nearly that patient in my life. Unlike David, I have a tendency to try and take things into my own hands when I get tired of waiting on God. So reading these chapters is a real encouragement to me to keep on growing in that area of my walk with God. How about you?

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