Since the Bible is the basis of everything we do as a church and a guide for our individual lives, we encourage everyone to read through the entire Bible systematically. There are a number of great plans out there that take you through the entire Bible over anywhere from 1 year to several years. There is no one plan that is right or wrong for everyone – the main thing is that everyone has a plan that they stick with.
As a church, we have developed a plan to read through the Bible in four years. If you don’t have another plan you’re already using, we urge you to give this a try. We think this plan has several benefits:
  • You can just join in wherever we’re at right now – you don’t have to go back and try to “catch up”. If you stick with the plan, you’ll just keep reading through the entire Bible every four years.
  • You’ll be reading from both the Old Testament and the New Testament each year.
  • You’ll begin each year by reading through one of the four gospel accounts.
  • Being on the same plan as others in the church will give you a chance to share what you’re learning with others.