As you can see, our Pastor is a long time Chicago Cubs fan.
But even if you’re not, we hope you’ll take a moment to listen to what he has to say anyway.



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Laying Down My Rights
March 11, 2018
Pastor Pat Damiani
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Preparing for Worship

I’ve been keeping up with my Bible reading plan but haven’t had a chance to post my thoughts for a few days. Right now I’m in the book of Numbers. And frankly sometimes all the details and the repetition can get a bit overwhelming. But in stepping back to look at the big picture a couple of thoughts come to mind.


Why Bad Things Happen to “Good” People

The school shooting in Florida last week again brings to mind the often asked question about why bad things happen to good people. As I was reading in Leviticus 26 today, it seems to me that there is at least a partial answer to that question there. (For purposes of this post I’m going to ignore the fact that the Bible teaches that there are no “good” people, which is a whole other discussion for another time.)


Sabbath Years and Jubilee

The commands concerning the Sabbath years and the year of Jubilee are like most of the commands that were particular to the people of Israel at a particular time in their history, so we are no longer subject to those laws. However the principles behind those laws are still relevant for us.