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Laying Down My Rights
March 11, 2018
Pastor Pat Damiani
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Having a Shepherd’s Heart

In Numbers 16, we see the people grumbling against God again. First, Korah leads a rebellion against the leadership of Moses and Aaron, But God intervenes and Korah and his followers are swallowed up by the earth. But even after observing that, the people grumble and complain again, claiming that Moses and Aaron had killed “the people of the Lord” (v. 41). So once again Moses had to intercede on behalf of the people so that they wouldn’t be completely wiped out by the plague God sent.


Praying for our Culture

Today’s Bible reading really makes me appreciate the chronological Bible reading plan I’m using this year. Along with reading Numbers 14-15, I also read Psalm 90, which is titled “A Prayer of Moses”. Most commentators believe this is the prayer that Moses prayed during the events of Numbers 14 when the people rebelled against God and Moses had to intercede on their behalf before God.


Being Grateful

My Bible reading today was Numbers 11-13. While these three chapters appear to cover some completely different topics there is one common theme that runs through all 3 chapters – the importance of being grateful for the blessings that we have.