Leviticus 1-4

Starting today, I’ll be reading in Leviticus for a while. My first thought in reading the first four chapters today is that I’m sure glad that making atonement for my sins is no longer that complicated.
It also seems that in reading the instructions for all the various sacrifices, I find more relevance for me by looking at the big picture rather than getting bogged down in all the details. When I do that, several thoughts come to mind:
1. Atonement required a personal acknowledgment of one’s sin and a personal participation in the sacrifice. In almost every case the person who sinned had to put his hands on the head of the animal being sacrificed and kill the animal himself. While today we don’t kill animals to be forgiven for our sin, we do still need to acknowledge that sin and personally confess it.
2. The sacrifices were either the firstfruits of the harvest or animals without blemish. This reminds us that whatever we offer up to God – our own lives (Romans 12:1) or an offering of our material possessions – needs to be our very best, not just the leftovers.
3. Atonement for sins required the shedding of blood. Fortunately we no longer have to keep on sacrificing animals because Jesus shed His blood on our behalf. All we have to do is to accept what He has done for us by putting our faith in Him alone.

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