Leaving a Legacy

Been reading in Deuteronomy the last couple of days. I think one of the things that made Moses such a great leader is that even though he knew that God was not going to permit him to enter the Promised Land personally, he was still committed to doing all he could to prepare the people to live in the land God was going to give to them.
So one more time before they enter the land, Moses reminds them of all God has done for them – how He has already allowed them to conquer powerful kings on their way to the Promised Land and how He has provided for them in the wilderness. And once again, he reminds them of God’s Law, which they are to follow in order to live lives that are distinct from all the nations that are currently in the land God is going to give to them.
Moses was not going to benefit personally at all from what he was teaching here, but he was so committed to seeing God be glorified that at 120 years of age, he gave his all to this one last task he would carry out on God’s behalf. That’s the kind of legacy I want to leave.

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