Being “Re-gospeled” Daily

In my sermon Sunday, I talked about the need to be “re-gospeled” daily (a term I stole from Matt Chandler). This morning, as I was reading Deuteronomy 5-7, that idea came to mind again. especially in chapter 7. There God is reminding His people that He did not choose Israel because of anything they had to offer to Him. God had chosen a weak, small people because by building them into a great nation who would bless all the other nations of the world, He would get all the glory, not the people.
The gospel is the great equalizer because it reminds us that none of us bring anything to the table when it comes to our relationship with God. God didn’t choose any of us because He just couldn’t get by without us. The fact that any of us have been chosen by God is 100% a result of His grace. And when I choose to reflect on that idea each day, it completely does away with any idea that God might “owe” me something or any thoughts that I am entitled to have things done my way because I am somehow “better” than others.

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