5 Bible Reading Plans That Might Be Right for You

As we approach the end of the year and the beginning of the new year, many of us begin to think about New Year resolutions. As many of you know, I’m not real big on resolutions, but the beginning of the new year is a good time to evaluate where we are in our walk with Jesus and make plans for how we’re going to grow in our relationship with Him over the coming year.
One discipline that is a necessary part of growing in our faith is to have a systematic plan to read through the Bible. Having a systematic plan helps us to see God more fully by making sure we don’t just read our favorite parts of the Bible. There are almost limitless numbers of good Bible reading plans, but the best ones have these characteristics in common:
  • They take you through the entire Bible – both Old and New Testaments
  • They balance the need to take in larger chunks of Scripture with your own personal reading ability and time you are willing to devote to Bible reading.
  • They keep you interested and engaged. As I always say, the best Bible reading plan is the one you’ll actually use and stick with.
So with that in mind, let me share 5 Bible Reading Plans That Might Be Right for You
1. Our TFC Four Year Bible Reading Plan
This is the plan that I have been using for the past four years and which I am just about to complete. Here are a few things I really like about this plan:
  • It only requires reading about a chapter a day. So it is easy to get caught up if you miss a day or two here and there.
  • Each year, you will read one of the gospel accounts
  • It alternates between Old Testament and New Testament readings.
Click here for a copy of the plan which begins on December 31, 2017
2. One Year Chronological Bible Reading Plan
This is the plan that I’m going to use in 2018. Here are some features of that plan:
  • Read through the entire Bible in just one year at a rate of about 3 chapters a day
  • Because it follows a chronological order, it helps put events and writings in their historical context.
3. 52 Week Bible Reading Plan.
Features of this plan:
  • Read through the entire Bible in a year – daily readings are between 2 and 6 chapters long
  • Each week you will read selections from 7 different categories – Epistles, The Law, History, Psalms, Poetry, Prophecy, and Gospels
4. Two Year Bible Reading Plan
Features of this plan:
  • Read through the entire Old and New Testaments once and through Psalms and Proverbs four times over two years.
  • Read 1-2 chapters plus a chapter of Psalms or Proverbs each day
  • Includes “catch up” days throughout the year.
5. Christian Doctrine Bible Reading Plan
Although this plan violates the principle of reading through the entire Bible, it does a good job of covering major Bible doctrines.
  • Five weekly readings. The readings do often come from more than one passage.
  • Covers both Old and New Testament
  • An interesting alternative for those who have already read the entire Bible and want to focus more on specific doctrines
I haven’t included what is likely the most common plan- to read through the Bible straight from Genesis to Leviticus in order in a year. While this is the simplest plan and has a lot of advantages, I find that many people get bogged down early in the Old Testament and end up quitting. But certainly if that plan works for you, go for it!
In the unlikely event that one of these plans doesn’t work for you, Bible Gateway has a number of other plans. They also include a few of the plans I’ve suggested and even provide an option to get daily email reminders.
Which if these plans are you going to use in 2018?

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